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Services of EwasteWiz

  • All services are customizable to conform to your requirements
  • Degauss all hard drives, ram, tapes, and all IT media
  • Remove asset tags and identifying markers from each item
  • Perform data sanitation in overwrites of all hard drives
  • 100% complete destruction of all optical media, memory, and data
  • Provide notarized validated certificates of destruction for all memory drives and RAM
  • Provide notarized serialized certificates of re-marketing
  • Live web based “beginning to to end” video streaming
  • RFID tracking via GPS
  • Provide a serialized report for re-marketing and tracking
  • Customize your asset recovery plan (ITAD)

Which service(s) match your needs?

  • Getting revenue from recycling for charity or your company?(maximizing assets)
  • Destroying your data securely and permanently?(data sanitation)
  • Track via GPS, VIdeo, RFID and Serial numbers?
  • A complete disposition report for your due diligence?
  • Destruction at your site or ours?
  • None of your old equipment (e-waste) going into landfills here or overseas?