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Secure Data Disposal and Destruction

  • EwasteWiz guarantees its data security performance and insures its customers against all liability.
  • EwasteWiz applies different measures to drives and data storage devices depending on customer requirements.
  • EwasteWiz’ data sanitation service includes more than hard drives. It includes all memory, BIOS and data storage.
  • All data from used computers is securely erased per OEM specifications, NSA/DOD standards, and NIST protocol.
  • EwasteWiz removes all asset ID tags and all client identification labels and markers.

Sensitive data in the IT world grows daily in astronomical proportions. Today the risk of data loss is unacceptable to consumers as well as businesses. By some measures, data breach costs have been estimated in 2010 to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

In 2010 the costs of identity theft rose to $50 billion. Even though company budgets are tight, this is one area where diligence and investment in proper technology pays off. Because of liabilities and fiduciary responsibility connected with breaches of sensitive data, companies necessarily must use only the best and latest technology to permanently secure their data.

All businesses are affected by these trends, especially health-care, finance and any company with a secure payment system.

EwasteWiz provides 100% complete secure data destruction per your requirements.

When your end of life equipment is remarketed or recycled, EwasteWiz guarantees to take title and ownership of all your e-waste. EwasteWiz provides serialized reporting, screen shots, and serialized certificates for all customers used computers and components.

Customers are always able, 24/7/365, to monitor and audit EwasteWiz’ recycling process. We provide video, an unconditional guarantee and documentation to meet all your requirements of secure data destruction.