Why should I use e-waste recycling services from EwasteWiz?

Data safety and security: All tags, labels and identifiers are removed and data is destroyed.
Costs are decreased: Storing of end of life equipment costs are eliminated.
Net savings is increased: Recycling may allow you cash rewards for your e-waste.
Logistics: EwasteWiz has the expertise in disposition, logistics and re-marketing to manage recycling your end of life computers in the most efficient manner.
Accountability: Reporting is simple and easy with EwasteWiz because we give you a dedicated account executive, a chain-of-custody audit trail, a never-fail data security solution, and environmental metrics.

  • EwasteWiz REFURBISHES and RE-MARKETS (when possible) your e-waste as a TOP priority
  • Video streaming of the recycling process on line for real time viewing
  • Secure and safe transportation per all state and federal laws
  • 100% compliance with all local, state and federal regulations
  • 100% guarantee of secure data destruction
  • Multi-million dollar commercial insurance policy
  • NO landfill policy
  • Expertly trained and background cleared employees
  • Serialized Remarketing Certificates (notarized, legally binding)
  • Validated Certificates of Destruction(notarized, legally binding)
  • Dedicated Account Executives
  • Customized IT Asset Disposition; Asset Recovery (ITAD)
  • Asset Tag Removal
  • Close partnerships for downstream transparency
  • 30,000 sq ft facility with state of the art recycling technology
  • EwasteWiz sponsors community e-waste events and charity drives
  • All services include a 100% unconditional guarantee that does not expire

How well is the EwasteWiz recycling facility protected from intrusion?

You, your company and your brand are completely protected from beginning to end. Everything we do is accomplished by background checked employees under video surveillance during transport and during the entire recycling process. Once we inventory your e-waste onto our transportation vehicles it legally becomes ours. You can view the security inside of the trucks online via video stream. Your e-waste is RFID tagged and tracked with GPS until final disposition and documentation. In the event of a disaster or criminal theft you are protected by a multi-million dollar commercial insurance policy. And yes, security guards watch our green building 24/7/365. Our environmentally green facility is located at Nordorf and Desoto in Chatsworth, California. Customers are welcome during regular business hours.

What reporting information is included?

Documentation: We provide documentation throughout the process and when finished, provide Validated Certificates of Destruction and/or Serialized Certificates of Remarketing.

Each used computer or component is bar-coded as soon as we take possession of it. Asset recovery financial statements for your used equipment is available upon request.

From the very beginning of the process EwasteWiz takes complete ownership and title of your used computer and equipment, thus relieving you of all liability.

Logistical support is composed of removal from location, packing, transporting, processing and other options that will conform to your requirements.

EwasteWiz customers will receive a detailed report disclosing actions taken while recycling your e-waste and used computers. The report includes the list of services performed and complete asset disposition from beginning serialization to ending certification.

What percentage of my companies e-waste is reused versus recycled?

Every collected piece and component is checked, tested, refurbished and then reused or remarketed whenever possible. Reuse and Remarketing is the top priority at EwasteWiz. Every bit of electronics we receive from you will be scrutinized and optimized for re-sale if at all possible. Everything that is disassembled not for the market, will be processed with state of the art recycling methods.

What logistics services are available?

All of EwasteWiz’ recycling services are designed to conform to customer requirements including logistical. Also, IT strategic and lifecycle planning can be coordinated with IT asset managers, IT solution providers and IT value added resellers.