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IT Asset Disposition

EwasteWiz' IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

ITAD is the proactive way of managing technology life cycles. From acquisition through disposition, EwasteWiz is a leader in ITAD.

Not only can EwasteWiz help you avoid liabilities related to e-waste, we can customize a program to manage your IT assets on a continual basis.

While we the maintain the best practices for data security and the environment, we can also maximize your financial returns.

EwasteWiz ITAD Includes:

  • On site removal and de-installation
  • Warranty verification
  • License software reuse
  • Data destruction
  • Certifiable destruction of equipment
  • Packing on site
  • A chain of custody that is secure
  • Secure transportation, storage and logistics
  • Several million dollars of commercial Insurance
  • Recovery/reuse/re-marketing of components
  • Revitalization of obsolete technology
  • EwasteWiz extended warranties
  • Maximizing financial returns
  • Refurbishing for resale
  • Validated Certifications of Re-marketing or Destruction
  • International partners for remarketing
  • Serialized reporting
  • Managing leases of equipment
  • Customizable options