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EwasteWiz' Reuse and Remarketing Policy

EwasteWiz top priority is to reuse and resell everything we recycle whenever possible.

EwasteWiz is the best at refurbishing and remarketing because not only do we understand the end of life market better than any other company; we have years of experience at selling to this market.

EwasteWiz provides serialized reports to prove that the equipment has been reused and remarketed. Also, for your corporate diligence, EwasteWiz provides a Notarized and Serialized Certificate of Remarketing.

Criteria for Evaluating Remarketers of EOL computer equipment

First, the company should be selling their products in large numbers to many different types of companies. This shows a level of competency and credibility in procuring, refurbishing and reselling end of life computer equipment. On-line reviewers that have provided buyer feedback would be an essential tool to use. EwasteWiz' parent company averages $40 million dollar a year in sales; so that is solid proof.

Next, do your diligence or basic research, in other words, here are some questions to ask a prospective remarketer: Would they give you some client references or could you find them on your own? Do they have a general idea of how many clients they sell to regularly? When was the business founded?

Remember that attention to your details is a core competency of EwasteWiz. Your responsibility and expectation as an IT manager is to know the whereabouts and status of your old computers from the moment they depart your location until the time you get your certificates. So knowing or taking a look at the in's and out's of your e-cyclers business makes sense.

Here are some reasons why EwasteWiz gets the re-marketing done better:

  • Global Network of 1000+ Buyers and Suppliers
  • Complete Inventory in stock for better integration of end of life technology
  • Free same day shipping
  • Always Researching New Markets with a focus on continuous improvement

EwasteWiz customers can find refurbished components for resale by requesting a quote or visiting www.itcreations.com