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Client Benefits and Expectations

What are the benefits of using EwasteWiz for your used computer recycling?

  • EwasteWiz refurbishes and remarkets your e-waste as a TOP priority
  • Video streaming of the entire process over the web for easy surveillance
  • Secure, safe and monitored transportation per all state and federal laws
  • 100% compliance with all local, state and federal regulating agencies
  • 100% guarantee of secure data destruction
  • Multi-million dollar commercial insurance policy for all customers
  • NO landfill policy
  • Expertly trained and background checked employees process your e-waste
  • Serialized Re-marketing Certificates or Validated Certificates of Destruction
  • Dedicated Account Executives responsible for your complete satisfaction
  • Customized IT Asset Recovery and Disposition (ITAD)
  • Asset Tag Removal
  • Close partnerships for downstream transparency
  • Best in class 35,000 sq ft facility using state of the art technology
  • ISO 14001/9001 Pending (Managing a healthy environment/worker safety)
  • OSHA 18001 Pending (The highest standards of worker safety)
  • NAID “AAA” Pending (The highest standards of DoD data destruction)
  • EwasteWiz sponsors community e-waste events and donates funds to charity
  • All services include a 100% UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME GUARANTEE
  • A GSA Schedule for approved federal e-waste recycling (Pending)

What to expect when ordering EwasteWiz recycling services?

  • Expect doing business with EwasteWiz to be simple, easy, and free while conforming to your requirements concerning secure data destruction, and no harm to the environment or workers.
  • Expect attention to your details from a dedicated EwasteWiz. You decide which service is right for you. Your requirements will be met because we want you to use us again and recommend us to others.
  • Expect that whatever service you choose, it will be performed absolutely free with an unconditional guarantee.
  • Expect that your company’s written agreement with EwasteWiz will state that EwasteWiz is responsible for the destruction of your data, your end of life equipment and any service you use. Your company will be protected by several million dollars of commercial insurance.
  • Expect that upon arrival at your location, EwasteWiz will inventory and barcode with RFID/GPS all of your used computers and EOL equipment.
  • Expect secure transport of your EOL equipment with video surveillance by background checked employees.
  • Expect upon completion of recycling that you will receive legally binding documentation in the form of a Notarized Certificate of Destruction or a Serialized Certificate of Remarketing.