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How EwasteWiz Recycles Computers

1. Collecting

EwasteWiz uses employees that have been specially trained in order to properly and securely collect and transport electronic equipment from the customer's location to the Ewaste facility.

2. Receiving and Tracking

As electronic waste is taken in, EwasteWiz, employs an RFID bar code tracking system to maintain an audit trail and to supply proof of whereabouts until final destruction or re-marketing. Remarketing is always EwasteWiz highest priority!

3. Processing

After electronic waste is received in, parts are allocated for secure remarketing or secure destruction. All remaining material is recycled for extracting metal or sent to appropriate material specific (plastic, glass) recyclers.

4. Recycling

First and foremost, EwasteWiz policy is to remarket all equipment that is received. We serialize everything we remarket so there is no question about our accountability. If remarketing is not possible then secure destruction will take place. From there, the e-waste is divided into containers: metals, glass, plastic, and more; which is then processed by refineries or different types of recyclers. NO material from EwasteWiz is ever sent to a landfill or any part of a waste stream anywhere in the U.S. or overseas.

4.a. Detoxification

The purpose of this step, detoxification, is to prevent contamination of components with toxic waste as the equipment is disassembled. Components include cpu's, drives, RAM, cases, boards, cards, wiring, cabling, lead glass, batteries and more.

4.b. Shredding

The purpose of shredding is to sufficiently degrade remaining parts so they can be processed accordingly. This is accomplished with industrial grade shredders, pulverizers, crushers, magnets and separators. The entire operation has filters with effluents to keep carbon emissions to a minimum.

4.c. Refining

Refining is the final step of recycling e-waste. This is accomplished by the latest technology that enables manufactured components to become usable raw materials once again. Again this is accomplished with the minimum amount of carbon emissions.

5. Documentation

For our customers records, EwasteWiz will provide either a Serialized Certificate of Re-marketing or a Validated Certificate of Destruction. This is proof of an audit trail, which is one of the many benefits of using EwasteWiz to recycle your e-waste.